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Again, going from 2005 when the character is first introduced; there isn't an exact age given for Ziva.Taking the fact that the IDF starts training at 18 and requires 3 years of active service puts… When the last season ended after the bomb blew up, I think Mc Gee was in the staircase.Not being able to completely trust Ziva due to her cover-up with her relationship with Michael Rivkin, he chooses Tony, leaving Ziva in Israel. But she kind of gave up on him and started seeing Mossad officer Michael Rivkin, wich made Tony jealous.In the season seven premier while drugged with truth serum he tells Ziva…In one episode when they were undercover they had to pretend to be married assassins and they were been unknowingly been watched by the FBI when it is found out that they are… They're just too scared to tell each other because they think that the other one will say 'no' if they ask them on a date. So Tony starts investigating and eventually they go Isral.Plus there's Gibbs's rule of "never date a co-worker." -Some people debate as to whether or not they do like each other, simply because Michael Weatherly (the actor who plays Tony) says that he was not told that Tony liked Ziva so he did not… In episode 10 "False Witness" Tony acts all strange and grown up. Then Mc Gee gets beaten as does Tony and they are placed in the same room as Ziva. Michael (ziva's secret lover) had broken his arm but he returned to NCIS from Israel He went to Israel to rescue Ziva, got beat up pretty bad, but managed to escape with Ziva and return to the states.She became infuriated at Tony, avoiding him at all costs. But in season 6, Ziva is giving Tony hints that she likes him.

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Ziva went to Israel because Tony killed her boyfriend out of self-defense.The start of season 7 picks of from where it left of, from season 6 episode 25 'Aliyah' (season finale).Gibbs leaves Ziva behind in Israel and the team (Vance, Tony and Gibbs) head back to D. The last scene of that episode shows Ziva tied up to a chair and she has been beaten up.Why won't we be able to keep our relationship from everyone mu..." Then it dawned on him."I'm pregnant." She finally blurted out."When? " Tony asked."I was thinking Monday..can have Mc Gee and Gibbs, meet us in Abby's lab and tell everyone then." Ziva replied.

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