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08-May-2020 18:00

But there are some performers whose drive, persistence and fan base lets them break through. Here are 10 who have managed to make the transition to 'civilian' celebrity.

Editor's Note: Covering a Taboo Industry While Grey only spent three years in the porn industry, she quickly became such a force that her fans followed her every move.

But there are some performers whose drive, persistence, and fan base lets them break through those walls. Hollywood — and mainstream culture, in general — tend to segregate the men and women of porn, keeping them at arm's length. But by the time they're done, their names are known by a much wider audience than they started with.

They dated forever and married back in 2003 after two dudes mugged CC in downtown Cleveland after an Indians game.

Since CC realized he wanted to use his time on earth wisely, he asked Amber to marry him soon after. Amber gave…Didi Gregorius’ girlfriend Judy believes life is a story and you should make yours a best-seller. She also says that being alive doesn’t mean you’re living. She is a young model and a student, according to her own description.

The couple reached a settlement in September of the same year. Madonna was dragged into Rodriguez and Scurtis’ messy divorce.

Scurtis’ lawyer claimed that Rodriguez had an affair with Madonna, which was the “last straw” for his ex-wife. Rodriguez began dating actress Kate Hudson in 2009.But,…Luis Severino’s wife Rosmaly Severino gave birth to their daughter Abigail in July of 2015.