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12-Sep-2019 18:03

The times vary by region but are set for pm to pm local time.

The Fortnite World Cup finals will take place in New York City on July 26 – 28.

Epic Games has not released details on the format for the final weekend.

If formatted like previous tournaments, one day will be for solos, the other day for duos, and finals for both on the last day.

Russians and other countries that speak Russia (countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova) are very active on this social media site.

The average time spent by active Russians on Odnoklassniki is about 9.8 hours.

Epic Games has shown they are not afraid to implement major changes before a tournament.

Check back for more info on Taylor Yates is a gamer, sports lover, and content creator.

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A recent NC State grad, Taylor loves to support his Wolfpack and other sports teams.