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beneficiary unless the terms of the trust instrument specifically prohibit any distribution of income or corpus to a U.

This line identifies the person that is filing Form 3520.

If you transfer property to a foreign trust in exchange for an obligation of the trust (or an obligation of a person related to the trust), it will be a gratuitous transfer unless the obligation is a qualified obligation.

There is no need to apply to the IRS to request a reference ID number or for permission to use such number.

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This number is used to uniquely identify the foreign trust in order to keep track of the trust from tax year to tax year only on Form 3520 (and on any other form that is attached to or associated with Form 3520, including the Form 3520-A in the case of a U.

If you are reporting multiple transfers to a single foreign trust and the answers to lines 7, 8, or 10 are different for various transfers, complete a separate line for each transfer on duplicate copies of the relevant pages of the form.