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28-Nov-2019 09:04

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Yes, I am black, but you don’t need to tell them and keep on telling your friends that I’m black by saying I things like “I like chocolate” or “here’s my Nubian Queen.” Creating a feeling of ‘other’ does NOT make black people feel comfortable.

Most people, including black people, don’t like feeling interchangeable and collectable, funnily enough.

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Questions like, “is he just dating me because I’m black? ” the hosts have a short debrief of the weekend past saying things like “I been fucking black guys since like the early 2000’s” and, “this was like a real black guy”, “he looks pretty black” “he didn’t act black enough but he did this weekend.” Listen to the podcast here: I listen to this post and I’m horrified, but not surprised.

However, like most other philias, it’s not a great thing. It’s about you bragging about picking up a black girl at the club just because she’s black, or that you’ve gained a nickname like ‘Cadbury’s’ or ‘Wonka’ because of all the black girlfriends you’ve had. It’s collecting them, like you would cars or stamps.

Looking at Oloni’s Instagram comments, quite a lot of the internet weren’t happy about the comments made in the podcast and voiced their opinions: one user wrote ‘[it sounds like] they are talking about fucking Pokémon cards or something.

they’re not going to delete the podcast because they’ve never deleted a podcast and they don’t want to. So, to the white person reading this, I’m not trying to discourage you from dating black people and I’m not necessarily saying you’re a bad person – what I am saying is sometimes being “racist” isn’t that stereotypical idea of being racist.

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Writer of ‘White Fragility’ Robin Di Angelo says when someone is accused of being racist they think they are being pigeonholed into the box of Individual people who have malicious opinions about people based on skin colour.That one guy who when you talk about music tell you he “loves hip-hop”; that one guys who says “I just don’t get this racism thing.” That one guys who says, “I only date black girls.” I was invited to a party by one of my friends who “only dates black girls.” We were friends way before he had the realisation that black girls were black and attractive.

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