Why should you be dating

04-Aug-2020 08:30

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Clara, 25, who is 5’11”, used to believe she couldn’t date men shorter than her.“I had it in my head that I needed to date someone significantly taller than me for me to feel like the cute, small girl that I grew up thinking I should be.”She’s now reconsidered.Because your teen years are for getting to know yourself.If I could tell every single teenager one thing, it would be this: YOU are the most important person you will ever date.“Discounting people because of some weird, arbitrary criteria was kinda fucked and stopping me giving some genuinely lovely people a chance.” She’s also seen the flipside of the coin.When she glossed over her height on her dating app profiles, she found herself understands it can be difficult to reconsider what you believe you’re attracted to, but believes that “if that height signifies someone who is protective or masculine,” you can think about other ways that can be expressed in a relationship.Even men you might feel a stronger attraction to IRL than someone who is 6’5” but with whom you have little to no chemistry. “It’s the perception that we’re meant to be small and dainty, and if you’re not that naturally then you look for something where you can at least feel [that way],” she explains.

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You’ll never regret the time you invest in yourself. Because you open yourself up to major heartbreak, temptation, and pain.You can’t help who or what you’re drawn to, but you can make an active effort to be a bit more open-minded.If you Nope based on an arbitrary number of feet and inches, you might be passing over men who, on every other level, are a great match — men who are still funny, kind, strong, sweet, and hot.Frankow encourages us to start thinking about internal qualities: how you want to be treated, how you want love to be shown, and what you want to do with someone.

None of those things really have much to do with looks, let alone height.Young men and women, caught up in the burden that comes with relationships that have happened prematurely.