Who is jayson williams dating

22-Dec-2019 01:03

“You think you’re marrying this great guy and life is going to just be this wonderful dream world.

But you’re never prepared for when everything changes and he changes with it.

Johnson plans to hold forums around the country with Mourning and Hill that emphasize the number of healthy and happy marriages in the NBA, while also inspiring young women to follow their own dreams and not bank on marrying a rich and famous athlete.“We all aren’t living that dysfunctional and unhappy life that’s shown on television,’’ says Johnson.

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While many assume this was a comforting act of sisterly love by other basketball wives, others claim it was more an act of revenge by women long annoyed by Vanessa’s “Queen Bee’’ attitude and refusal to work with or befriend them.“I’m not aware of many people that actually like Vanessa, to be honest, so I’m not sure there’s much sympathy for her,’’ said Williams.

“She wasn’t a woman that went out of her way to be friendly with the other females around her or to give back to those in need, really.

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