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19-May-2020 03:13

Donnie Mcclurkin lived in confusion for years as he even found men of similar intent in the church which was his safe haven.Nevertheless, with the redeeming love of God, he was able to find peace.Mc Clurkin also talked to essence about honoring his lifetime friend at the Essence’s festival. To make you more clear we have a picture of Mc Clurkin and Nicole C Mullen in which Yolanda has captioned, “Big Congratulations to my brother and sister in law.Yes, Mc Clurkin is dating to Nicole C Mullen and they are about to get married.

No matter what, life goes on and you have to go with the flow.

By the age of 8, he lost his younger brother to a hit-and-run driver, shortly afterwards, he became a victim of sexual abuse as a child by his uncle and as years passed, his uncle’s son still abused him sexually.

The painful experiences in Donnie’s life once again reignited as two of his sister suffered from substance abuse.

Nevertheless, there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel and the light in Donnie Mcclurkin’s tunnel (life) was Jesus Christ whom he found while going to church and being encouraged by his aunt who sang with Andraé Crouch, a gospel musician.

Growing into his teens, he formed a musical group called Mc Clurkin Singers and after some time, he put together another one called the New York Restoration Choir with which he began recording in 1975.

The musician has a biological son named Mathew Mcclurkin (born in the year 2000) who he had with Kim, he is also father to a girl named Michelle who he adopted when she was 9 years old, just the following year after his son was born. It was his uncle who at the time he described as a “broken man” robbed him of his sexual innocence.