White parents beat daughter for dating black man

21-Jul-2020 00:09

The Wells are white and live in Champaign, Illinois, a multi-cultural Big Ten university town and have gone to some effort to create a diverse environment for their son and three biological daughters.Wells knew that raising a black son wouldn’t always be easy.Abigail Scott, 21, is a Chinese adoptee who grew up with her single mother in what she calls the bubble of Berkeley, California.Her mother did many smart things to foster her only daughter’s connection to the land of her birth.

When she and her mother went to large family functions, Scott remembers noticing that everyone else in the room was white except her.

On the advice of an African American friend Wells has chosen to start having some hard conversations with her now 8-year-old son Ben, even though she does it in the car so that he doesn’t have to see her tears.

Her insistence on these talks has created friction with her police officer husband, Timothy who explained by email that his job as Ben’s father is “to raise Ben to be a good man…

She was a muscular lacrosse player who loved being tan.

She told her mother never to buy her anything Hello Kitty.

“But they were all family so I didn’t feel ostracized or different,” she says. “But I just thought ‘Oh, you see who I’ve grown up with, it’s not going to matter.” At one of her first fraternity parties, a drunk white boy sidled up to her and asked her about her foreign exchange program.