Wechat id for female sex

20-Sep-2020 10:40

The profiles claim that she was once the winner of a high-profile beauty pageant and has modeled for several skincare and food companies.

Du was described online as an actress that has worked with several fashion magazines and television shows.

The information included the planned location of the sex, prices, the sex worker's appearance, the worker's popularity and customer's requirements.

Some women would even fly to other countries to provide sexual services after sealing a deal.

Apart from enhancing police efforts and encouraging people not to provide sexual services, Tao hoped the mobile application operators could strengthen their supervision of their users and improve their monitoring systems.

"Mobile social application operators should fulfill their social responsibility of strengthening their supervision of their users' messages, analyze the messages' target region and the means of their transmission.

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Jiang used We Chat to establish a group named "Shenzhen entertainment circle" with two other suspects surnamed Zhang and Gu.

Wenzhou police in Zhejiang Province detain six sex workers in a raid in 2012.