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21-Nov-2019 05:11

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The girls invite their male friend over and he starts chatting with them for a little bit while they’re stretching and doing some exercises.

Then the girls all sit in front of him and he tells them to close their eyes so that he can show them the tool that he’ll be using to help them out. It’s only when he tells them to open their eyes that the girls have their minds blown.

I let her walk around the house, and she was struggling. The pleasure was so intense that she was shaking, just barely managing to stand on her two skinny legs.

She came multiple times, sweating and shaking on my cock until I reached my limits and sprayed her cute face full of my thick white jizz, coating it in a sheen of gooey cum. One day I come home from work, ready to chill out for a while when suddenly, I hear a knock on my door.

Then she turned around still on top of me, now in reverse cowgirl, still riding as vigorous as ever.

From there on out we kept changing positions and picking up the pace, eager to feel each other in every way possible.

They have never seen a cock that big in their life and it’s only a matter of time before they start using it in all the naughtiest ways as well.

He tells them that before he can use it to fuck them and break their hymen, he’s going to need them to make the dick hard by sucking on it.These besties are passionate about gymnastics, but they seem to be discovering that they are just as passionate about watching each other getting pounded out.

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