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Thomas Aquinas, states that: "To love is to will the good of another." and not founded in the emotions.And it specifically defines love as having as its object the serving of another person (since only persons–whether human, angelic, or divine–have a free will, only persons can love; hence, the "other" can only be another person).Again, with Holy Mary as an example, we have wholeness unlike any other creature: she is Virgin and Mother; Daughter, Mother, and Spouse; a human person yet without sin; a Handmaid yet a Queen; humble yet exalted; a creature yet Queen of Angels.In her did the Son, whom the heavens cannot contain, dwell for nine months.To attain goodness, through a virtuous life, is the purpose for which all human beings, men and women, were made.Beauty is "the radiance of the one and the true and the good." Sanctifying grace is the created effect of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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In response to this virtue, men desire to praise, honor, encourage, and cultivate virtue in the woman so possessing it.According to Pope John Paul II, a woman by her very nature is called to manifest the truth to everyone of the existence and depth of the love "with which every human being–man and woman–is loved by God in Christ." Dr. Speaking of Blessed Fra Angelico's altarpiece in the Dominican Monastery of San Marco in Florence, Professor Saward notes: ". in Angelico's Madonna, the fairness of her soul, the substantial form, shines through the fineness of her features." Singing the virtues of the Mother of God, St.Albert the Great wrote: " 'All fair art thou,' that is, in body and in soul: in body, through the integrity of in-corruption and the unimpaired purity of all the senses; in the soul, not only all fair through humility, but very beautiful, most beautiful, through the perfect plenitude of all the virtues." Wholeness indicates nothing deficient or lacking; nothing extraneous or superfluous.Through her did salvation, in the Divine Person of Jesus, come to men.

She, is entirely, wholly, completely the person whom the Holy Trinity desires her to be.That is why the level of any civilization is always the level of its womanhood.