Validating url in java Free sex chat via iphone

27-Oct-2019 01:26

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:[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066]\u003A)[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066])? \u003A[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066]\u003A(? :[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066]\u003A[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066]|(?



:[\u0041-\u005A\u0061-\u007A\u0030-\u0039\u002D\u002E\u005F\u007E\u0021\u0024\u0026\u0027\u0028\u0029\u002A\u002B\u002C\u003B\u003D\u003A\u0040]|\u0025[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066][\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066]) (?

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:[\u0041-\u005A\u0061-\u007A\u0030-\u0039\u002D\u002E\u005F\u007E\u0021\u0024\u0026\u0027\u0028\u0029\u002A\u002B\u002C\u003B\u003D\u003A\u0040]|\u0025[\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066][\u0030-\u0039\u0041-\u0046\u0061-\u0066])*)*)|[\u0041-\u005A\u0061-\u007A][\u0041-\u005A\u0061-\u007A\u0030-\u0039\u002B\u002D\u002E]*\u003A(? A full implementation of the RFC1738 rules would result in an enormously long regex (assuming it's even possible). $/i.test( value ); It's not practical to parse URLs using regex. So I suggest you read the API to perform more checks, for example if you want to make sure that the user entered a well formed absolute URL you may do like this: If you're looking for a more reliable regex, check out Regex Lib. k=url As for the error messages showing while the person is still typing, change the event from _^(?

What I know it's quite an old question but since it does not have any accepted answer, I suggest you to use the framework: can use it to check for malformed URI using a try/catch block: Of course it will consider something like "%@" as a well formed relative URI...

But you can use it for your advantage, by re-assembling the URL from parts and always passing it in full to your AJAX service.

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