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400 V32bis) £94.99 SPEEDCOM BF (28,800 V34) £174.99 , -w- ,e„sonm.Our high speed 2.5' IDE hard drives for the Amiga A1200 & A600 computers come complete with fitting ca We, screws, partitioning software, full instructions and 12 months guarantee.Most items are available at Tax Free Prices to non-EC residents. Andy Maddock checks out this new contender Feature: New Wave Wonders 104 Tina Hackett meets the team behind Spehs Legacy.Binary Emotions Preview: Tracksuit Manager Will Alternative s latest football management sim conquer Championship Manager 2?Simply plugs onto the back of the Amiga and does not invalidate the warranty.Compatible with ALL Amigas I 77777 A1200 trapdoor fitting memory expansions feature a battery backed dock and a socket for an accelerator A600 MEMORY EXPANSIONS 1MB WITHOUT CLOCK £34.99 1MB WITH CLOCK £39.99 ONLY £19.99 I plus £.1.00 postage and packing 2mb £114.99 4mb £174.99 8mb £284.99 These hard drives simply push onto the side of the A500 or A500f and will grve your computer ail the benefits that hard drives need to remove the metal shield) and provides a 25 way D connector through the blanking plate at the back of the A1200. K 99 ¦ A500 170mb HARD DRIVE £189.99 A500 425mb HARD DRIVE £229.99 Additional RAM for the hard drive £89.9 • per 2mb Anti Virus Professional is the most powerful tool for detecting and removing viruses. DATAFLYER SCSI ONLY £69.99 SQUIRREL SCSI INTERFACE ALSO AVAILABLE £59.99 PCMCIA fitting SCSI interface PLEASE PHONE FOR A FULL INFORMATION SHEET ANTIVIRUS PROFESSIONAL £39.99 (Plus £1.50 for postage and packing) High speed 3.5' Quantum SCSI hard drives with Of without a high quality enclosure with its own power supply.Anti Virus pro will check and device hard drives, floppy disks and even CD ROM drives for viruses. 420mb 214.99 540mb 239.99 850mb 284 99 INTERNAL VERSIONS DEDUCT £54.99 3.

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The former HQ witt continue to be used as a reta't outtet, with targer ttoor space, more storage. every Amiga 1200 Magic Pack from Sitica (at the advertised price), comes with a FREE Chaos software pack see below. £159 io-extender gvp ram Zorro II card that provides an additional serial port, parallel port and connection for optional RS422 and RS232 port. £159 £549 Intuitive cursor control at your finger tips replaces the mouse or trackball and 'Tap* for an instant selection.

The drives are supplied formatted, partitioned and have Workbench instailedfor immediate use. The hard drive also has (he facility to add 2.4.6 or 8mb of RAM inside II The Dataftyer is a 16 bit SCSI II controller card that converts the slg nals on the internal IDE interface to also run SCSI devices at the same time as the IDE hard drive.