Validating dmi pool

21-Dec-2019 09:11

When we get this information and know that it is set up properly, then we can explore how you might address this issue. Its not where you make 3 boot selection but its another boot option.. On my M/B i select 3 boot devices but if i have multiple HDD's another boot option appears..Ive had this problem once when i flashed my BIOS... So instead of having to select HDD0, HDD1 or HDD2 ect...

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Once the data is stored then it verifies all software and hardware compatibility and if any of the component unable to connect then it shows Verifying DMI Pool Data Error.

Processor: P3 733 mhz Motherboard: MSI 200, 815E Pro Board version: Ver 1 Ram: 2x 128mb sticks Generic ethernet adaptor Generic floppy drive The jumpers are set to 'master', and the ribbon cables are going to the IDE1 slot on the motherboard.

Joel Joel You have given us some of it (type, brand name, jumpers for that drive), but we still need to know what else is on that ribbon cable and how that drive is set with the jumpers and where each is located on that ribbon cable ie: end or middle connector.

(which it does) Never seen this before and it happens every single time the computer starts up. In addition the computer is quite unstable, but trying to run Windows 7 RC, so can't really be sure if it is the hardware, drivers or OS that is unstable.

It could also mean, that your mainboard is having some trouble reading from the hard drive.When a computer turn on then it checks for required hardwares and related software.

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