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08-Jun-2020 10:43

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CDISC stands for the “Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium.” CDISC is a global not-for-profit organization that actively develops data standards for the pharmaceutical industry.

There are three major standards that CDISC supports. To learn more about these data standards and the PK portion of CDISC data formatting, visit Part Two of our Blog CDISC creates standards that support the acquisition, exchange, submission, and archive of data for medical and biopharmaceutical product development.

Funding also plays a key challenge for CDISC-compliance data collection study.

Small researchers or biotechnology companies that do not have the resources in-house, out-sourced this task to CROs or service providers and are not interested whether it is compliance as long as it is save them money.

As a CDISC Gold Member, our CDISC experts at Nuventra are actively involved in all forms of PK CDISC standards and implementation.

Make your pharmacokinetic SEND, SDTM, and ADa M datasets work with your CRO to ensure proper implementation of PK CDISC.

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: primarily case report books or (e)CRF forms, laboratory data and patient report data or diaries.

Challenges of data collection It is important for the CROs / service providers to be aware of the potential challenges they may face when using different data collection methods for partnership clinical studies.