Validating bookmark values word 2016

14-Aug-2020 01:55

If this is the case, I suggest you review my Custom VBA\Userform Message Box and Create and Employ a Userform tutorials.

If you have looked at Create and Employ a Userform, you are already aware of the benefits of a Userform.

So your only option would be to use code, such as VBA.

A very simple approach would be to display an Input Box then write the result to the property.

If you would like to donate, please use the appropriate donate button to access Pay Pal. his Microsoft Word Help & Microsoft Word Tips page provides advanced tips and techniques for filtering/validating Userform text entries.

If you are unfamiliar with Userforms then this page probably isn't the best place for you to start.

Caption = "The name field cannot be left blank." & vb Cr vb Cr _ & "Please enter your full name. Text) End With End Select End With lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt SSN_Exit(By Val Cancel As MSForms.

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Here I am going to demonstrate validation techniques that could be considered Draconian.Caption = "You must provide your current age." End If lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt Birthdate_Enter() Call txt Birthdate_Change lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt Birthdate_Change() b Birthday Valid = False With Me .lbl_Inst. The standard VBA project module contains the code to initiate and display the Userform and process the Userform data into the document.Caption = "Enter your date of birth (include month, day and year). ", vb Question vb Yes No, "Invalid Format") = vb Yes Then With Phone . The standard module code is shown below: On Error Go To Err_Handler: 'Use the form text field property values as the text value for inclusion in the documetn placeholder bookmarks.Return Integer) b Normal Process = True End If lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt Age_Exit(By Val Cancel As MSForms. Caption = "Wrong number of numerical digits in field. I'm not much more than a self taught novice, so I'm certainly open to suggestions for improving the process/code.

Return Boolean) If Not b Age Valid = True Then Cancel = True Me.lbl_Alerts. Text) End With Cancel = True Else b Phone Valid = True Validate Form End If End If lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt SSN_Enter() Call txt SSN_Change lbl_Exit: Exit Sub End Sub Private Sub txt SSN_Key Press(By Val Key Ascii As MSForms. Caption = "Wrong number of numerical digits in field. " _ & "Enter exactly nine numbers." Cancel = True With SSN . When the form is validated and the usesr clicks the "Finished" button, the Userform cmd Btn OK_Click procedure shown above passes the Userform as an object back to the standard VBA module for processing.

I want to make Word prompt the user for a value and set it as a value for myproperty. I suppose it might be possible using Visual Basic too.

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