Updating typo to stable version dating minor

07-Nov-2020 01:58

The following rules are applied when a semantic version is increased: If you’re not familiar with semantic versioning, make sure to check out this simple guide to semantic versioning.The Angular team combines semantic versioning with a time-based release cycle to aim at: The release schedule is not set in stone, as there may be holidays or special events, but it’s a good indicator of what we can expect in terms of upcoming versions.

A huge benefit of semantic versions is that we can safely update Angular applications with patch or minor releases without having to worry about breaking our applications. We already learned that a major release can come with breaking changes.

[a] module "order by products image" also attached to the specials listing [c] page.header Data.10 has been changed to page.header Data.7000 for mak [b] action field in all GET forms are changed to and their belonging vars are moved to hidden fields [b] PSP Mollie total amount fixed [a] log_out_pid added so it's possible to log out through the admin panel [a] extra check added to see if M Fix: saving CMS pages when not using Cool URI Addition: basic multi-currency support.

Based on the country ISO number where the store is located.

Addition: enable/disable birthday on the checkout address page Addition: enable/disable state on the checko Admin front-end - Watermark – add watermark to product images (to protect it from stealing) - Image curve – add smooth corners to your product / category images - Check-out system is now being made modular, so different check-outs can be crea Updated: - the order system - moved the image size settings to the front - added Google Analytics support - added support - added Google Adwords Conversion Tracking support - added the Meta Tags system And much much more.

Current Alpha version is uploaded to TER so our contributors can assist us. It's not yet ready to be installed on production servers.

On the other hand, it constantly needs to adapt and advance to support the latest changes in web technologies.

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