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And then in 2008, Batiuk decided there needed to be a second Time Skip to turn things over to the kids of the original cast.Even then, the majority of the storylines have focused more on the adults experiencing even more traumatic events and angsting about them and less on their children, though a handful of stories have focused on the lives of the teens.There were many women working for Fiction House at the time, and she was on good terms with most of them.She would regularly go out for lunch with Fran Hopper, and at one point, she lived with artist Ruth Atkinson for about a year.Please stop asking her the same tired questions about her presumed persecution. Bradley: As cool as Metamorpho is himself, I’m a big Sapphire fan. Was there any key difference, enjoyment, or advantage between working on Metamorpho vs. But telling this narrative as the prototypical experience does a disservice to the careers of Marie Severin, Toni Blum, and all the other women who managed pleasant working relationships with their editors and coworkers. In that case, comics have always been a rather male dominated field, and you, like Ramona [Fradon] are one of the two reigning queens.

But no, she was miserable, remained miserable, and now wishes she had been born in a different decade because her own was unabated misery. An interesting interview with Fradon started this way. Please tell us about working on House of Mystery with Joe Orlando. People always used to ask me if I knew her, but I didn’t meet her until years later, at a convention.

The inker Violet Barclay, by her own admission, flirted with men in the office leading to acrimonious feelings and love triangles.

Barclay’s complicated relationship with benefactor Mike Sekowsky — who bestowed expensive gifts on her even after his marriage to Joanne Latta — caused friction in the Timely bullpen, which she left in 1949.

Then we got Les Moore's valedictorian speech (which is universally considered underwhelming), and then there was a Time Skip...

And then there was Angst: For every good thing that happened to the cast (Funky married to Cindy, Les married to Lisa) there were two bad things (Funky is a divorced recovering alcoholic, Lisa died after a breast cancer relapse) and one thing that was revealed to be worse than we thought (Lisa's teen pregnancy retconned into date rape, Bull's Jerkass nature as a result of parental abuse).Since then the strip has gradually become Lighter and Softer, with more optimistic storylines and strips being structured around wordplay: Les Moore has become a successful writer, Pete Roberts (er, Reynolds) has become a successful comic writer, Derrin Fairgood has become a succesful comic writer, Harry Dingle has become a successful writer... Unfortunately, this has resulted in nearly all characters who aren't middle-aged men in the writing industry being put Out of Focus.

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