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13-Mar-2020 04:48

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Soon, however, software makers stepped in, offering all-in-one web creation, publishing, and management programs. Originally developed by Vermeer Technologies, the program—along with the tiny company making it—were acquired by Microsoft, another little company you may have heard of.

Although rival programs quickly flooded the burgeoning web design market, Frontpage was popular because its interface was much like that of Microsoft's Office suite.

Previously, such features as discussion boards, site search, form-mail, data collection, guestbooks, and user polls required not only HTML knowledge, but also programming skill.

Frontpage's solution lay in its Frontpage server extensions, which were automatically-generated server-side scripts that allowed site creators to make pages that responded to user input.

In 1998, in an effort to make Front Page available for a larger group of users, Microsoft released a Mac version of the Front Page site builder.

However, this version never received any of the future updates.

This program automatically generates HTML code, which makes it especially convenient for users who have little or no HTML knowledge.

Many people think that using Front Page Extensions is much easier in comparison with other website-building programs, and that this is the reason why it is being widely used.

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Microsoft Front Page is a part of the Microsoft Office package and is used for the creation and management of websites.

It was easy to use (especially with MS Office familiarity), it was collaborative—enabling multiple authors to contribute to a single website—and it enabled otherwise non-tech-savvy users to add a variety of dynamic elements, such as forms, polls, discussion boards, and guestbooks.

Of course, given Frontpage's popularity—and its ubiquitous though uninspiring themes—spotting a website made in Frontpage was laughably easy.

Besides, unlike the case with other programs, the administration of a website is easy, offering good organization and presentation of the working files.

Front Page also contains helping programs (wizards), which offer many templates.With the evolution of the Internet community and with the creation of the e-commerce scene, the need for a personal website became even bigger.