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15-Sep-2019 03:07

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I corrected the order of the init scripts and now the RAID volume auto-mounts when booting.

I found someone else reporting the same problem here.

Since passive mode is recommended for vsftpd I went back to trying to make passive mode work.

I needed to change After adding that range to the port forwarding table in the NAT firewall it works great.

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Against my better judgement I performed an in-place upgrade from Jaunty Jackalope to Karmic Koala.Several suggested the problem was the order of the hosts in /etc/and that moving the wins entry to the end of the hosts line would fix the problem. Whenever I tried to copy a file from OS X to the mounted Samba drive I got the error message: I couldn’t find the solution anywhere on Google, and I spent hours today searching.I edited /etc/and changed this line: Now that I had music again I returned to working on the VPN problem. I finally found the solution serendipitously while trying to fix another Samba issue. This warning started logging on March 24th, the same day that Ubuntu announced and patched a vulnerability related to the Samba wide links option: Ubuntu Security Notice USN-918-1.A Google search for that timeout message turned up lots of problems, but few solutions and none that worked for me. A Google search for that message turned up lots of other users experiencing the same problem.

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While I searched for a working solution to my problem I launched Rhythmbox to play some “thinking music”. A few commenters reported that the issue was related to winbind. The change I made to /etc/to fix Rhythmbox also fixed my Microsoft VPN problems too. After installing the OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 update I found that I could no longer write to Samba (SMB) volumes shared from my Linux server (running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala) that I had mounted on OS X.You can increase or decrease the range of the passive ports and you can move it around in the port numbering space to suit your needs.

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