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27-Jul-2020 13:51

or is this something that one would need to seek assistance of legal aide to get the ball rolling? Transmission completely went out at 104,000 miles, requiring new transmission.Entire air conditioning system had to be replaced today the brakes stopped working suddenly- waiting for diagnosis. Almost in three different accidents trying to get somwhere and get stopped.A significant amount of pressure was required to stop. Drove about 8 miles to restaurant for dinner and all was normal.I pressed with both feet and barely was able to get vehicle to stop before crashing into the house. Came out of restaurant and started truck in parking garage and steering wheel wouldn't budge without great effort and then only in half inch increments.Though the problem occurred and was recognized only after the car was in motion on i84 (at 65 mph!! Our mechanic identified the vacuum pump as the cause of the issue. At low speeds, or idle, the brake pedal becomes very hard to depress.Loss of power boost resulting in extreme effort to activate braking.It was extremely stiff, causing me to crash the vehicle into my utility trailer. There was almost no braking pressure at all and my SUV just kept going.I purchased this vehicle for my family but now everyone is scared to ride in it. As a 31 year old father of 3 small children, this was a very large purchase for our young family.

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Depressing the brakes, failed to bring the vehicle to a stop.

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