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27-Jun-2020 22:45

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These changes include tables, index, fields, and query creation, deletion, or modification.

The speed and ability of CC to update an Access DB is affected by the speed and stability of a network in addition to the size and complexity of the update itself.

Before the update process begins, CC automatically creates a backup of the Access DB and places that backup file in the Backup folder below the Database Folder (refer to the Folders help topic).

The name format of the backup files is ‘apecal-auto-backup-[large number].dbk’.

Therefore, the combination of a slow or unstable network with a large update (e.g., version 9.0) can result in a failure to update.

Following are methods to turn such a failure into a success.

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This means that the backup files are still valid MS Access DB files, just with a different extension (*.dbk).

Refer to the Update a SQL Server Database help topic for SQL Servers.

Revisions of CC often require / make changes to the structure of the DB.

I followed an online tutorial which was simple and had the code working.

But it doesnt seem to work anymore when I reimplement it.

If a re-start is required, it should start with a database file that has not been altered by a previous failed update attempt.