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Def gonna check out Nightcrush next time I’m up there.” From that point on, Dot waged a low-key but persistent wooing campaign, responding to Lula’s Instagram stories, liking her photos, and sending her pictures of flowers and sunsets.

One day, she asked for Lula’s address so she could mail her a book of poetry; a few months later, in June, Dot sent Lula 32 long-stemmed red roses for her birthday, along with two records and tickets to see her favorite band.

Last week I had two different problems on my mind: 1.

I wanted and needed to practice writing in German but found the topics set in textbooks unbelievably boring and unrealistic. I really wanted to meet other lesbians in Hamburg cause I know exactly zero and this makes dating really hard.

A couple years later, Rakowski stumbled across a digital collection of On Our Backs, the first erotica magazine for a lesbian audience in the US, which ran from 1984 to 2006.

As she scrolled through the xeroxed back pages, she discovered the women-seeking-women ads that would become the inspiration for @herstorypersonals.

The whole thing began as a lesson in lesbian history for Kelly Rakowski, 38, a photo editor at Metropolis.

But that increased online visibility, along with greater societal acceptance in some parts of the country (not to mention gentrification, which prices out both queer people and queer businesses) have all contributed to the decline of LGBT-specific spaces — witness, for example, the disappearance of lesbian bars from every major city.Still this week has been fantastic in terms of getting in some German writing practice as I’m writing about four emails a day.All of them are still in the getting-to-know-you phase, so I’m repeating a lot of the content.That clarity appealed to her, especially after a recent streak of underwhelming dates. With the help of some close friends, Lula came up with her own ad (a snippet: “31 y/o watery & sassy black femme looking to be spoiled, spanked & appreciated like I deserve”).

The day after it went up in late January 2017, she woke up to “like, a billion follow requests.” After a week or so of exchanging messages with a few people (including someone in Copenhagen, with whom she’s still pen pals), she heard from Dot, a 33-year-old woman in Los Angeles: “Not in Seattle but love your profile!I decided to totally cash in on the foreigner thing and this time make it work for me rather than against me.

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