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19-Aug-2020 05:22

Ti Vo helps the kids get to their favorite shows in the afternoon and the parents to their shows at night.

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See your go-to shows, right on your Ti Vo Home screen using Ti Vo's new Smart Bar, automatically configured based on the time of day and day of week.

Note: Actual high-definition recording capacity may vary based on television signal source and content. With our Ti Vo service not only can you watch On Demand, but you can now easily search On Demand or Browse On Demand using the Search and Browse features of Ti Vo.

On Demand becomes so much easier to use and enjoy with Atlantic Broadband’s Ti Vo Service. Ti Vo Service from Atlantic Broadband can work on both HD and SD TV sets.

The Ti Vo T6 from Atlantic Broadband is similar to the retail Ti Vo Roamio.

The big benefit of the T6 DVR from Atlantic Broadband is that there is no upfront cost and that the T6 is fully integrated with Atlantic Broadband On Demand, bringing you the latest hit shows and movies.

Click an arrow and subtle edge menus appear, showing what programs are playing on different tuners, what's on your favorite channels, your Smart Bar predictions and a mini-guide thats lets you browse the program guide one channel at a time – all without leaving full-screen TV.