Tips for dating a man with kids

10-Nov-2019 07:38

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Take baby steps and let them slowly open up to you as they get comfortable with having you in their lives.Being too full-on with the kids might also make your man regret his decision so play it cool.They share a history and they created life together and looking at his kids will always remind you of her existence.In fact, you might also see her often, as they co-parent their kids and you come across her during drop offs or pick-ups. Be happy for him that he has a good, stress-free relationship with her or give him the support he needs if she's the difficult type.​ALSO READ: YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN LOVE WHEN YOU HIT THESE 7 SMALL RELATIONSHIP MILESTONES Don't meet his kids if you're not serious You might feel you already know his kids as he's told you so much about them.Meeting them is a clear sign you're ready to take the relationship a step further so don't do this unless you're ready.

Know that you might not be his top priority Most men who have children take the responsibility very seriously (as they should) and if he's a good father – and therefore a good man – he'll always put his children first.

There is the possibility that you could fall in love with his kids too – or that you might have to deal with some sort of resistance from them – and your life will be changed dramatically so welcome this scenario in your head first before you take it on in real life.

Families are full of ups and downs so recognise this and be ready to deal with the consequences.

Do it only when you feel your relationship is stable and you can contemplate a future with him.

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And, let him take the lead with this decision; it's only right that he's cautious about introducing another person into his family equation.

Be flexible and understanding and you'll be more content.

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