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XRF testing can be used to analyze virtually any material, but is most commonly used for metal analysis.The scientific technique of thermoluminescence (TL) is used to evaluate the authenticity of archaeological pottery.Rate does not include shipping cost of item to/from the lab. Rate does not include shipping cost of item to/from the lab.Quantity discounts available for dealers, collectors and institutions. Digital and/or film X-Ray images will show what’s ancient… as well as true condition of any pottery or metal object. Rate does not include shipping cost of item to/from the lab.Each of the elements present produces a unique set of characteristic fluorescent X-rays, providing a conclusive analysis of the material composition.

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XRF analyzers measure the fluorescent (or secondary) X-ray emitted from a sample when it is excited by a primary X-ray source.Artemis Testing Lab is the only US-based company that offers comprehensive authentication services using Thermoluminescence (TL), X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) and traditional X-Ray testing methods.

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