The shroud of turin carbon dating results

20-May-2020 02:20

What follows are Google Translations of two articles: The first is a May 19 story in the Italian language edition (and not the English language edition) of Vatican News: Shroud, dating to be redone? We need a team of people who cannot agree but must agree on a protocol. On May 23rd at Catania, an international conference of scientists and sindonologists. Our studies prove it Federico Piana – Vatican City The dating with the radiocarbon method of the Shroud is not reliable. The analyzes that led researchers back to 1988 to analyze three tissue samples and establish with extreme certainty that the cloth was packaged over a period of time between 12 AD and must be completely questioned again.

An international conference in Catania The second is a May 25 article in the Catania edition of Meridio News: The Holy Shroud may not date back to the Middle Ages. We must include Robert Rucker and Mark Antonacci because they think the Resurrection altered the C14 date. Numerous internationally renowned experts and sindonologists are convinced of this on the basis of ‘raw’ scientific data, which will be presented for the first time in the world in a technical conference entitled: “The dating of the Holy Shroud: everything to be redone”, scheduled for University of Catania next May 23rd.

Researchers from Catania: “All the certainties were denied” Did something get lost in the translation? Raw data revolutionizes the scenario Benedetto Torrisi will also be among the participants, associate of statistics at the University of Catania.

Nothing can happen without a consensus about how to go forward. As soon as we all agree on everything then I’m sure the Vatican will want us to test the shroud again. An international conference in Catania New data cast further shadows on the 1988 radiocarbon analysis according to which the sacred linen would be from the Middle Ages.

The professor of the Department of Economics in Etna refers to the scientific publication in the journal Archeometry .

In order to calculate its exact age it is necessary to quantify the carbon absorbed by the atmosphere, which decays very slowly in the entities without life, even in thousands of years.

“Counting the residual carbon atoms on the burnt strings of the Shroud, we could finally go back to its dating, since it was made of uncontaminated fibers from 1532”, concludes the researcher.

For him those data are irrefutable: “It is a statement that relies on the strength of the evidence.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary meeting between sindonologists, statisticians and analysts we obtained the raw data of the surveys made at the time in the institutes of Oxford, Arizona and Zurich. First, because greater statistical results emerged from them than in 1988.

This means casting shadows of doubt on the validity of the theories published then in “Nature”.

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