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23-Nov-2019 05:53

Watch new episodes of Temptation Island Tuesdays 10/9c on USA Network. "I think I might be having too good of a time," Javen says.

ABOUT KAYLA: With an adventurous spirit and love-of-life attitude, Kayla is looking to find a genuine intellectual and emotional connection with someone outside of the online dating world.

“This experience has shown me I’m more than capable that I’m ready to be devoted to one woman for the rest of my life," he tells her.

Video: As it turns out, Temptation Island can have happy endings.

He tries to soak up life for everything it is worth, and is ready to take on this experience with open arms and an open heart.High school sweethearts, they believe they are soul mates but Shari still can't get over the fact that Javen cheated on her in college.They are headed to TEMPTATION ISLAND in order to ensure she can trust Javen again, Shari knows this experience will test their loyalty and love more than ever before.All the while, Javen would like for Shari to experience dating other men since she’s never dated anyone else besides him.

Will Javen stray and cheat again or will he prove to Shari that he is a changed man?He plans to step out of that zone and push himself to be someone worthy of love.