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If you liked the story, please vote or comment if you feel moved to do so, and if you didn't like it, please tell me why.This is not a depiction of the real world, it's my story universe, so the characters do or say things differently from how you think they would in the real world, please remember that this is just a story; it's just fun, something I hope will help you while away a quiet hour or so. beachbum1958 ***** Justine fanned herself languidly, ineffectively, as the temperature in the cab of the old blue Blazer rose steadily, even with the windows down.She looked inquiringly at Johnny, but he seemed oblivious, his brow wrinkled in concentration as the Blazer bucked and bounced along the uneven surface. " she hissed, memories of the three armed men in New Iberia crowding in on her, but Johnny merely nodded."Likely so, Minou; this ain't no private road or nuthin'; prolly local folks, an' nuthin' to do with us, mos' likely 'shiners; pay no mind to them an' they do likewise; lotsa folks down thisaway got trucks an' this a useful way to 'void the ATF." Justine fretted nervously anyway; after almost running into the people looking for them she was understandably jumpy, so kept an eye behind them, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever was back there.The flash was enough to confirm that there really was someone behind them, and trying hard to catch up.

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" Justine grinned and fanned herself some more, resigning herself to more of this wretched heat and humidity.

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