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24-Oct-2019 05:53

Unless you have a workable Windows Restore Point, you will need to completely uninstall Quick Books, reinstall Quick Books, then run the prior update release installer.

The QB 2002 and older update release installer files (e.g. You can rename them for archival purposes as long as you change the name back prior to executing.

I do a lot of work on Quick Books and have gathered some of the common issues I deal with almost daily.

These tips may help you solve those issues before you lose your hair or your money. When you are upgrading Quick Books from one version to the next, sometimes the earlier version's data file can't be read by the newer version. Usually this will happen during the installation process and will require you make a backup first.

If you're sure Quick Books is set up correctly, you might want to use the Quick Books Connection Diagnostic Tool to help you figure out what's going wrong.

For Canadian editions, more information can be found at: Quick Books Canada Updates (latest 4 versions). | email us for info re Quick Books UK Updates (2008-2015), If you notice any bad links or incorrect information, please contact [email protected]

Follow the link in the "Update Page" column to get them (as of Feb 2016, the patch files to QB 2004 and earlier are missing again).

The update release installer files are not named by version and release (since QB 2003 they are all named qbwebpatch.exe, or en_for Enterprise).

Quick Books is insistent that the data file be located on the C:\ drive.

That means even if your data file is on the Q:\ drive (and that Q drive is on the local machine but shared, so Quick Books THINKS it's on a different drive), Quick Books could have an issue with the rebuild.But Quick Books is also a fairly complex application.

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