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start Document is called only once before reporting any other event.

Similarly, end Document is called only once after the entire XML is parsed successfully. SAXParser Factory spfactory = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); SAXParser saxparser = SAXParser(); //write your handler for processing events and handling error Default Handler handler = new My Handler(); //parse the XML and report events and errors (if any) to the handler saxparser.parse(new File("data.xml"), handler); DOM parsing is an object-based parsing mechanism, which generates an XML object model: an inverted tree-like data structure, which represents the XML document.

Because JAXP 1.0 supported only parsing, therefore, it was called Java API for XML Parsing.

But in JAXP 1.1 (JSR-63), XML transformation was introduced using XSL-T.

The acceptable value for this property must be one of the following: SAXParser Factory spfactory = SAXParser Instance(); Namespace Aware(true); //turn the validation on Validating(true); //set the validation to be against WXS Property(" schema Language", " //set the schema against which the validation is to be done Property(" schema Source", new File("myschema.xsd")); W3C XSL-T defines transformation rules to transform a source tree into a result tree.

A transformation expressed in XSL-T is called a stylesheet.

Every element node in the object model represents a pair of tags in the XML.

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A SAX parser parses an XML document in a streaming fashion (forward only) and reports the events, in the sequence encountered, to the registered content handler, sax. Content Handler.) and errors (if any) to the registered error handler, sax. If you don't register an error handler, you will never know if there was any error while parsing the XML, and what it was.

Content Handler interface and register it with the SAX parser.