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06-Mar-2020 18:56

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These lies can come in the form of using a photo that was taken years ago or selecting a different body type than what they actually are (e.g., slender instead of curvy).It’s not just the women who are liars — men seem to have trouble with the truth as well.However, for those who have experienced catfishing, it’s a part of their lives that they’ll never forget.Today, we want to share with everyone 15 catfishing statistics to shine a light on this ever-growing, deceptive activity.According to Social News Some other signs to look out for on Facebook include that the person is vague about their past, always seems to be traveling, and has had some sort of recent traumatic event happen in their personal life.According to the Better Business Bureau, over 5,600 romance scam complaints were submitted to the FBI in 2011, with collective losses totaling more than million.

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An infographic created by Free uk shows that some of the most common reasons people catfish others is because they want revenge, they’re lonely, they’re curious about catfishing, or they’re bored with their lives.Unfortunately, though, since there aren’t any financial barriers, that means it’s also easier for scammers to join and spoil everyone’s good time.According to, one in 10 profiles on a free dating site are fake.That same Free Dating infographic also shows that catfishers tend to compulsively lie, are addicted to false persona and fantasy, feel unloved or unaccepted, may want to hurt other people, lack confidence, and have been abused or have abused someone else.

Mental illness can play a role in some of these behaviors, and people often do bad things when they’ve been hurt (emotionally, psychologically, or physically).For example, someone getting mad for not getting a response (or not getting the response they wanted), someone asking for money, or someone professing serious feelings very early on.