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19-Nov-2020 21:02

Just tell yourself that your soulmate will come to you when the timing is right.

Our soulmate often comes into our life when we are not even searching for one.

Coping with Divorce: What Celebrity Breakups Can Teach Us Celebrities lead the types of lives most of us wish for.

Fame and fortune, adoring fans — few of us get to experience that in our own lives, which is why following your favorite celebs can be such a fun experience, especially when they tie the knot in at a fairytale wedding destination.

This week we heard from Zoe, who is having a relationship dilemma and doesn’t know whether she should give her ex a second chance.

Love is an easy word to say and so few people actually have it in their lives.

Many of our Question of the Week articles focus on matters of the heart, with members of our community writing in for advice on how to handle a variety of relationship matters.

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The way that we decide to handle those difficult emotions after a breakup can decide whether it takes weeks, months, or even years to get over your ex.

This week we heard from Andy, who has been single for a while and is hoping to get back into the dating game and attract love into his life.

Q – Hi, Andy […] Read More Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day February 14th marks Valentine’s Day, celebrated around the globe as the most romantic day of the year.

When they see us behaving badly, they are first to tell us to change.

Most spiritual advisers are up front and personal about what they want to tell us.

Whether you’re on the cusp of a new relationship or have been married for years, everyone needs a little advice on matters of the heart from time to time.

Luckily, newbie and real-life bestie Nat was there to comfort him!… continue reading »

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