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He was just standin' there with a gun pointed at me. Briana: And I just immediately rolled over and I ran, like, as fast as I could. that is a big piece of what we do," says NCIS Special Agent Heather Powers. Anthony Ramirez|Jacksonville Police Department: He took good measures to make sure he didn't leave any physical evidence behind. Anthony Ramirez: It was hard to say anything was directly connected until a point … And then when I was walking around the corner to my bedroom he was right there. …And then I just felt a smack across my face and it made my head turn 'cause it was so sharp. "If there's a crime involving a spouse or a dependent of a Navy or Marine Corps member, our job is to vigorously pursue the perpetrator … Maryann: I was dialing my friend and going to go get my baseball bat. Briana: And when they came back, everyone was confused. Is that the fact that whole incident happened within, like, 10 minutes, literally. Sarah, eight months pregnant, and her husband Andrew were expecting their first child. …the light turned on and I thought it was my husband … Sarah: I saw a man in, like, the entryway to my bedroom. Sarah: When he first came into the house he asked questions like … …I actually told him my credit card was in my car … Sarah: He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, a bandana over his face and his nose, and he had black motorcycle gloves on. …There's no one who would've wanted to do that."Moments later Briana's roommate and his friends returned. Police and NCIS say Briana's instinct to flee most likely saved her from being raped. Briana: We had gotten word that there was another female that had just been admitted for also being attacked and was actually raped. …I went out there to find out exactly what had transpired as well. Sarah: And my husband got picked up for work, and I kinda just drifted back to sleep. And knows who's living there, when they leave, when they're gone. Sarah: That day, when it first happened, I remembered everything about him. Anthony Ramirez | Jacksonville Police Department: The description that she provided us for the suspect -- would play a significant role later on in our investigation. Still recovering in the hospital, Briana discovered fraudulent charges on her credit cards. helped us print out a sheet of exactly where he went, exactly what time, exactly what he bought with my credit cards. He got picked up for work and I kinda drifted back to sleep. Where you sit there in the comfort of your home with your children, you look up, and there's someone you don't know wearing a ski mask, holding … Lou Eliopulos: When you have a case like this that occurs … Special Agent Heather Powers: So NCIS and JPD decided to create a task force to look at all the other cases. Lou Eliopulos | NCIS Investigative Review Specialist: This is everyone's nightmare. Special Agent Heather Powers: There was a huge concern by the Marine Corps. where we were able to investigate Briana Murphy's case. Special Agent Heather Powers: All of the sexual assaults happened off base and the Jacksonville Police Department has primary jurisdiction off base. Maryann: It was just like something out of a movie. C., home to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, was terrorized by a serial rapist over a 14-month span beginning in 2011. Special Agent Heather Powers: Camp Lejeune is a big part of the Jacksonville, North Carolina community. Maryann: …good things about being a Marine wife are the friends, the stability. Maryann: He had been in Afghanistan for six months.

…The first detective kept trying to tell me that I could change my story whenever I wanted … Maryann: We live in a military town where lots of wives cheat on their husbands. that I wanted a way out of saying that I had cheated on my husband. Maryann: And I had to tell him everything on the phone. Special Agent Heather Powers: There was no evidence that was left behind ... Special Agent Heather Powers: We had been alerted that there had been two … Briana: That specific night for some reason, my neck was hurting …

I mean there were bloody handprints everywhere, nobody came. as soon as I saw him I got down [on her knees] and I was screaming for help. The attacker had vanished, taking Briana's wallet with all her credit cards. Anthony Ramirez: I ended up getting a telephone call that day for a break-in and assault that had taken place.

Incredibly, just minutes earlier, Briana's roommate and four buddies had left the house for a beer run. " Briana: I was hurt more than I thought 'cause I dripped blood from here all the way through the living room. So I skipped this house and came straight to this house and I immediately started banging on the door screaming for help. So the neighbors actually across the street, at 310 came out and said they heard me screaming … "Briana: A few minutes later the cops came, the ambulance came.

The rapist left behind few clues, and it wasn't until two victims were attacked on the same night that investigators were able to get their first major leads.

Special Agent Heather Powers | NCIS: NCIS is a multi-faceted agency. …And when I came downstairs, it was like the "Twilight Zone." The house was empty. I went to 103, I banged on the door and nobody answered. …she said she wasn't able to recall a whole lot details about the attacker … Sarah: I watched a lot of crime shows, like how they caught people …