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In most places the excavations are generally located along the edges of the hills as, apparently, only there was the stone so broken up by the processes of weathering that they could be worked by the crude methods known to the primitive quarrymen. Choctaw Did not operate from 31 January 1921 to 17 Jime 1921. These pits were seldom if ever over four feet deep, the depth of the workings being limited by the depth to which the stone is loosened by weathering. Discontinued 10 April 1941, effective 30 April 1941, mail to Stone- wall. Discon- tinued 20 July 1933, effective 15 August 1933, mail to Hugo. Tulsa Discontinued effective 30 June 1909, mail to Broken Arrow. These nodules, seem for the most part, to have been formed arovmd fossils as nuclei and in many are to be seen very perfect fossils. These are usually species of fusilina and num- mulites. Membership applications and dues should be sent to the Administrative Secretary. Historians commonly fix the date of his birth as 1754. He was noted for his skill in trapping and hunting, and for his success in the athletic sports of his people, ball playing in particular.' He commonly advocated peace and kept his people out of many wars. Ballenger of Tahlequah is the well known genealogist and historian of the Cherokees. Glenoak Nowata Discontinued 29 November 1932, effective 15 December 1932, mail to Bartlesville. Annual membership dues are five dollars; Life membership, one hundred dollars. According to the Bureau of American Ethnology, Spring Frog's Indian name is Too-an-tuh, more properly Diistii, and means a "species of frog." He was bom on the north side of Chickamauga Creek, at the edge of Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The log cabin in which Spring Frog was born stands today in the wildlife sanctuary of the Chattanooga Audubon Society, though it has been repaired and improved somewhat. The logs are hewn flat at the ends instead of being notched as white pioneers usually made them.^ Spring Frog was a prominent sportsman and naturalist among the Cherokees and was a man of great influence. Gilsonite Murray Discontinued effective 27 February 1909, mail to Buckhorn. Glenn Carter Discontinued effective 15 July 1922, mail to Springer. Here he spent his declining years in agricultural pursuits. They agree that the name is not written in correct Cherokee characters, hence is difficult to translate with certainty. Gee Discontinued effective 30 November 1911, mail to Nashoba.

Bo YDSTUN, Fort Gibson TERM EXPIRING IN JANUARY, 1969 Joe W. Tennesseans as mem- bers of the Chattanooga Audubon Society, a nvunber of years ago, sought to remove this gravestone from Oklahoma to be a part of the memorial to Spring Frog in the Elise Chapin Wild Life Sanctuary near the City of Chattanooga. 2 Flower and Feather (Chattanooga, Tenn.) , IV, No. He was with the Cherokees that came to western Arkansas in 18, and later lived with the group in the Indian Territory commonly known as the Old Set- tlers. They are generally not over twenty feet wide and extend usually some sixty feet back from the edge of the hill. Discontinued 15 July 1932, effective 15 August 1932, mail to Stonewall. Rarely a pit has been worked much farther, extending a himdred feet or more. Syfert Discontinued effective 15 August 1912, mail to Grainola. I Pit**'' ' ' 1 |: UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA LIBRARIES Digitized by tine Internet Arcliive in 2015 littps:// SPRING FROG, Cherokee Volume XLIV Number 1 Published Quarterly by the OKLAHOMA HISTORICAL SOCIETY (Organized by Oklahoma Press Association, May 27, 1893) OKLAHOMA HISTORICAL SOCIETY Officers GEORGE H. This report was brought to light in the preliminary filing of manuscripts in the Collection made by Mrs. The village site at the mouth of Deer Creek had special interest in the historical field, with its evidences of the site of a French trading post in the objects brought to light including articles of copper and brass, iron implements and parts of guns besides gun plates with designs known in the French trade of the early 18th Century also gim "flints"— small squares of chert or flint of local origin.^ Dr. 2 "Exhibit of Objects Discovered by the Marland Archeological Expedition in 1926." The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Notes and Documents, Vol. Other quarries of chert, or flint, are to be found elsewhere in the state.'* Such quarries are not always readily recognized and understood by everyone who sees them even t hough it may be evident that they are the result of artificial excavation.

MILT PHILLIPS, 1st Vice President FISHER MULDROW, 2nd Vice President MRS. Thobum, "Oklahoma Archaeological Explorations in 1925-26, "Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. As the work in Kay County is being done co-operatively the specimens secured by the Marland Achologi- cal expedition are to be divided, part of them placed in the museum of the Oklahoma Historical Society and part of them in the newly projected historical museum which Mr. Otto Spring's Report on the summer's archaeological work on the chert quarries in Kay County, prepared for publication in The Chronicles was not published because stress was laid on the use of articles and notes relating to history with the recent change in the position of secretary and editor. Prehistoric Chert Quarries in Kay County: A Report 1 8 The Chronicles of Oklahoma has been done elsewhere in Kay County will be described in subsequent issues of this publication [The Chronicles of Okla- homa].— 3 B. Chert Quarries in Kay County, Oklahoma In the vicinity of Hardy a formation of resistant light col- ored limestone caps the higher hills, and its hardness causes it to stand out, the hill sloping steeply away from it below and the hilltop being nearly level and smooth. His monument is a huge coffin-shaped stone lying flat on the grave, with the inscription in Cherokee. Old-timers in that vicinity, like the late Bill Starr say that they have been told from childhood that this is the grave of Spring Frog. Marland of Ponca City, under the auspices of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Shirk, 'Okla- homa Reclaims Its Past," The Daily Okiahoman, Magazine Section, September 30, 1956 Leslie A. This impublished Report along with his introduction and the map printed for the first time follows: — (M. W., Ed.) Editorial Introduction During the months of May, June and July of the current year, a small archaeological field party has been operating in Kay County, under the patronage of Mr. The first two weeks were spent in exploring and investi gating the quarries of chert, or flint, which were worked by the primitive inhabitants in prehistoric times.

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