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31-Aug-2020 06:14

Emily Kollaritsch, who graduated this year from Michigan State University and is a sexual assault survivor, said, “I felt really betrayed by my university.I’m kind of disgusted to think this is what a Spartan is supposed to be apparently to them, and they would allow assailants and serial rapists to stay on campus.Ashley — her story backed by university documents inspected by the Free Press — felt she had the worst hangover ever but couldn't remember why.The 18-year-old sophomore remembered drinking three shots the night before, but why had that wrecked her so much? Why did she have a fleeting memory of a male student standing over her? The 2013 fall semester at MSU was just getting under way and Ashley spent the rest of that day becoming increasingly convinced she had been raped.

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Many survivors worry they won't be believed because they were drinking, or because cases boil down to their word versus their attacker's word.And federal regulations largely permit individual universities to determine how they handle the incidents, leading to a fragmented system critics say is often more concerned about protecting a school's reputation than the survivor.