Sex chatroom world

30-Aug-2020 03:35

A number of K-pop stars are being investigated as part of a chatroom scandal which has seen Big Bang star Seungri and singer and TV personality Joon Jung Young leaving the entertainment industry.

Today, Seungri apologised to people ‘who were hurt and suffered’ as he arrived at Seoul Police Department to be questioned as a suspect in a prostitution scandal.

The two stars are being questioned as part of a the uncovering of a chatroom were secret sex tapes were shared, and men joked about drugging and raping women, according to South Korean broadcaster SBS.

Seungri – known as the Great Gatsby of K-pop thanks to his lavish lifestyle – has not been charged, but is being investigated for ‘sexual bribery’, following a report accusing him of ‘supplying prostitutes to potential investors at the club and his Yuri Holdings company’.