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11-Jul-2020 06:58

That’s why we spoke to Jess Wilde, a bondage specialist at the online sex retailer Lovehoney.

She’s going to help us untangle the unnecessarily confusing lexicon of the bondage world.

As Wilde explains, aftercare is an essential part of your play-time and can bring both you and your partner closer together in post-coital bliss.

“Known as ‘sub-drop’, sometimes the submissive partner can feel a wash of sadness when playtime has finished and the endorphins wear off,” says Wilde.

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Eventually, you’ll begin to crave something more than a quick release.Forms of light sensations play include playing with feathers and other soft objects, light blindfolding, and bondage with scarves or temperature play with ice or hot wax.”“The goal of sensation play is simply to provide unusual and arousing sensations to a partner's body.It is only limited by one's imagination and, of course, personal limits, which should be respected at all times.” When the fun and games are over (and the last spank has struck), there’s one last thing you have to remember to do.“Bondage aftercare is the process of reassuring your partner that you care for them.

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