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23-Nov-2019 10:26

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Gone are the days when phone numbers are exchanged first.

New functions like taxi booking, groups chats with more than 99 people, the ability to buy lottery tickets, top up your phone, get movie tickets and send a hongbao (those red envelopes with money that are customary during Chinese New Year, amongst others) to a friend. Do we use it like instant messenger, or should we display less ‘erratic’ behavior, and send messages over We Chat in the same way that we did with the good old SMS?

Photo: cn 1) Thou Shalt Not Send Graphic Stickers To Thy Boss I think the majority of us have been on the receiving end of some pretty grotesque and graphic stickers, but what is appropriate and who can you send it to?

I am always also concerned when I save stickers to my phone, because as far as I am concerned, they cannot be deleted.

I always worry that I will accidentally click on an inappropriate sticker when I am in conversation with someone. I’m sure there must be some amazing stories out there of someone forwarding them onto their boss by accident.With i Key Monitor We Chat spy app, parental control is easy.