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25-Aug-2020 00:47

This can be a very exhausting and uncomfortable process.

Learning to self-validate your emotions will help you cope with the overwhelming emotional process. Observe how your body feels and try to notice what emotion is prevalent right now. Although you will eventually apply this skill in the situations where you feel overwhelming emotions, first you can get familiar with these steps when you feel relatively okay.

Think about how you would apply the same three steps from the first part, only now on a situation that was problematic for you.

For the first step, I find it very hard to validate and accept my emotions. For people who have trouble regulating their emotions, self-judgment and not accepting what they feel is very common. At the beginning it will be difficult to get used to thinking about your emotions in this new way, but just try to be persistent and patient with yourself.

With time it will become easier for you to navigate your emotional processes using this skill.

Why do I have trouble accepting my emotions in the first place?

I am not going to judge myself for this, because I've been feeling very lonely and mildly depressed.

That's enough negative feelings, I don't need to make it harder on myself. If you did the first part working on a relatively subtle emotion, you can further practice this skill thinking about a past event where you experienced overwhelming emotions.

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Ideally, if we observe, acknowledge and allow our first, immediate emotional response to what is happening then we will slow down the secondary emotions (feelings about how we feel).

is a distinctive DBT skill that focuses on accepting the emotions you are experiencing.

If you have trouble regulating your emotions, then you probably have a hard time accepting them in the first place as well.

You are allowed to feel whatever you feel right now or in an overwhelming situation that makes you feel intense emotions.

Below are some statements that you can use to get in the headspace of allowing yourself to let the emotion be: Choose three of these statements (the ones that you like the best), and write them down in the worksheet.

You feel sad, or angry about something that happened around you, and you immediately tell yourself "I shouldn't feel like this, I should know better".