Seagull serial number dating

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I think these tables are about as correct as I can get them, I will remove the originals at some time, when I'm sure!

The years codes start with the first motor of whatever sort, that was made.

Obviously the FV and FVP ceased in about 1953, the LS in ! Strangely the LS and the SJP overlapped for 2 years..

The first 2 digits indicate the year of manufacture (ex: a guitar with a 98342165 serial number was built in 1998) From 1993-94 to 1996-97, some models had a 7 digit serial number.

In those cases, the 1st digit indicates the year it was manufactured (ex: a guitar with a 4351079 was built in 1994) Before 1993, guitars have a 5 or 4 digit serial number, and we have to check on our serial number lists to determine the year it was built.

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For instance the 1933 engine numbers seem to indicate just a few motors were made, or is the 3 really an 8? John The 1949 to 50's Model 'F' was doubted for a while, but in March 2007 I had pics of one sent in by Mike Williams. John Throughout the years above various codes were used during each year, ie F, FV, FVP, LM, LS, SJM, SJP.

John SOS From 1963 a letter and number code is used at the end of the engine number to denote the month and year of manufacture.