Sarah silverman dating louis ck

23-Feb-2020 17:01

If you are lucky not to have had to confront this earlier in your life, either by watching a scandal unfold on the TV or something sinister happen in your own home, then chances are that now your eyes are open.

I've of course been asked to comment, and in full honesty I really, I really really really, don't want to. He wielded his power with women in fucked up ways, sometimes to the point where they left comedy entirely. Fin.— Laura Silverman (@Laura JSilverman) November 9, 2017It must be noted that we had been dating briefly beforehand-I had broken up w him at the start of the trip &we continued on anyway for some reason- youth, I guess. We applaud her honesty, since a lot of us may end up feeling this way at some point.

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