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Like that whole "celesbian" public thing: strength in numbers, or whatever. Maybe LB's gotta girl--and Chely's w/an unnamed woman. I like her representing us better than Lindsay Lohan. All those apprentices came on the heels of her coming out.

Seriously--do you really think LB & C are going to talk thru Twitter rather than just email/IM/call if they're dating? She is none of my business, but I am inspired by her and love her as someone whose development I have followed over the years. She's been on Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, CNN, MSNBC, People Magazine, The Advocate, this list goes on and on. I'll read KC Twambian tweets anytime--way more entertaining than C tweets. Wonder how long it's been since she broke up w/Ash? Won't be long before they're wearing matching sweatshirts. We are not talking about someone as famous as Jodie, Ellen, Rosie, Portia etc.

But then, maybe she's just thrilled to finally be able to admit their sexual history. Her Facebook profile lists her college as Lenoir–Rhyne University in North Carolina. So was "Brenda" the sports dept employee that was Chely's first?

OK and here is a funny thing (because I'm bored on a Sunday morning)...the names of the women in C's book start with the same letter as their real life last name: Julia = CAM who's maiden name is Jarosinsky (or something like that), Kristin = Kampa, and Brenda = Bennett. Didn't "Brenda" go to Middle Tennessee State like Chely? Brenda also had a boyfriend at the same time she was dating Chely, didn't she?

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Just go to youtube and search for Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 1Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 2Chely Wright 'Path To Stardom' documentary part 3LOL That guest list is weird. R22, Chely tweeted just "hi" to Lauren a short while ago.If my memory is correct that stands for Dillybar, which Kristin also calls her. there'd be lots of therapy needed and maybe a lawsuit. If that's the case then Chley is dating KChenoweth because K also has a nickname for snowflake. How can two people twit like crazy for about 4 weeks and suddenly stop? If it's true that Cherry and Sarah are back maybe Cherry told Sarah to end it. She's not Faith/Shania but she has always been well known and respected in the country industry with her super fame being between '97-'02. My guess is that Chely's gonna have her fun and then end up w/a mature woman she'll marry. Chely spent a few years on her coming out so she knows a lot of people in the gay community in New York.So, it seems to be a affectionate nickname for Chely between her friends. Is she converting the Broadway Diva to the other team? Yes, we all saw this Tweet from @lulublitzer."@chelywright - next time - mozzarella, tomato, olives, crackers and your smile. Chely will end up with someone more her age.what's exciting to me tonight is washing a 35 year old handmade quilt for the first time. If I was Cherry and Sarah was flirt twitting with someone hotter, I would not be happy about it. She's a red state celebrity which is why many in the gay community have never heard of her. Not for the West Coast/NE crowd where being gay is more acceptable. :)Amazes me that there are two people that have best friends that work at Starbucks or Barneys that post on here. I will agree with some of the posters that I had never heard of her before the great reveal of May 5. If she was going to be involved with Lauren it would have happened years ago. NYC is where the cool kids live.i'm sorry, anyone who can't see that Chely clearly has something for or with Lauren is not very perceptive. as we've all seen, Chely is an emotionally open [email protected] Bennett220 "@chelywright read your after hours. And r48, according to the book "Brenda" never had a boyfriend.

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I'm trying to sit beside you at some point and heal an old wound.. She'd had a girlfriend before Chely, and she dated another girl after Chely.

Being able to talk to people openly about things you've kept inside. I think anyone who is starting a new relationship, and isn't quite sure where they stand with the other person-- or what is happening, because it's all new...