Reverse lookup zone in dns is not updating

19-Oct-2019 12:26

reverse lookup zone in dns is not updating-30

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NSLookup is a tool used to check the functionality of DNS. I have recently began using spiceworks to monitor my systems and the report told me I had issues with my reverse DNS entries.I have never checked on the reverse entries after setting it up until now. From what I understand about the reverse lookup, it uses the DHCP from the server (which my DNS is on) to obtain this info.However, my Sonicwall is my DHCP and all my machines get their IP's from this device.Select the zone, to check all the records created in that.We can see SOA and NS records are created automatically.11.

To configure Forward Lookup zone on Windows Server 2012 R2 DNS Server, click on Start button, select the down arrow and select DNS. It can also be open by typing “dnsmgmt.msc” in run or in command prompt.2. Right click Forward lookup and select “New Zone”.3.Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? There should be a reverse lookup zone for each subnets that your DHCP Server are being issuing, otherwise it won't write the entries. Open an administrative command prompt by right clicking on cmd and run as administrator 8.