Rejection dating sites

13-Nov-2019 10:56

Seriously – coping with dating rejection can be an emotional nightmare.

A lot of times you will hear the pain minimized or someone who does not know you will write an article about how it really is not that bad.

If you plan on trying out some online dating sites, be prepared to be rejected.

Not once or twice or a dozen times; if you want online dating to work for you then be prepared to be rejected hundreds or even thousands of times.

As a threshold issue, most online rejections are just a failure to actually reach a living human being; a prerequisite to rejection.

Many online accounts were set up in a moment of curiosity and just as quickly abandoned.

Incidentally, if you are still laboring under the idea that any large scale commercial service is your friend or ally then you need to rapidly disabuse yourself of that notion. If you want someone who actually cares then hire someone who actually deals with you as a person and stop buying into the illusion that a Fortune 1000 company cares whether you find your mate, or are eaten by radioactive weevils for that matter.

The big online dating sites care that your credit card runs each month and if you happen to forget the account and let it run for a year? Once you sift through the chaff of moribund accounts, then you will run into people who are, while technically alive, not seriously looking for a relationship.

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The key here is to not plead, or say something negative.Hopefully you proactively approach people you are interested in with messages.Waiting for interested people to find you, is like a baseball player standing out in the outfield with their glove held out in front of them.More common these days is the ghost; you meet someone and the date goes well and then they are difficult to reach for a second date, your texts go unanswered for hours and days, and eventually they just stop responding entirely.

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To be blunt, this speaks of a certain degree of cowardice on their part.

The appropriate response is to politely thank them for their time and exit.