Redmine git repository not updating my friend is dating another guy

06-Dec-2019 03:08

To test this, try cloning and pushing a change to the repository as one of the specified users.One of the features I enjoy the most about Redmine is the built-in support for the most common SCM tools including Subversion, Git and Mercurial.Basically, once I get time, I'll fix the gl-setup not found problem and my problems may be fixed, in which case we can just close this as not a bug or something... Keep me informed as to whether the problems go away --- I would like to close the bug when possible.I'm going to mark this as a configuration problem, since it appears that it may be something like that... As I mentioned only 20 or so people use our installation and gitolite update repositories works so it's not a problem most of the time, and I've been super busy with other things.This guide walks you through the process of configuring Redmine to connect to a Git repository, so that users created in the Redmine application can also use the Git repository.

I did notice that the 128 error fixed itself in the middle of the night, on Saturday morning (~24 hours later).I checked her sshkey and it was loaded in the Redmine database, but when I checked the gitolite-admin repo, I didn't see the public key. It looks like the plugin is having trouble with accessing the gitolite-admin repository and updating the keys.I checked the redmine and saw that the access just suddenly stopped working last night at am.As a Rubyist, you are probably using Git for the most of your Ruby/Rails projects and chances are you'd like to have Redmine synchronized with your Git repositories.

Configuring a Git repository with Redmine it's really straightforward but if you come from the Subversion world, there are a couple of things you need to know to better understand how Redmine interacts with remote repositories.

Again, Git is not a centralized repository and Redmine doesn't support remote Git repositories.