Rain check dating

07-Jul-2020 16:53

You're out there looking for Prince Charming, and going on all kinds of dates, which is totally normal.

Odds are, you'll have to cancel a few just because life happens, and in those moments, it's good to know how to cancel a date over text.

You shouldn't feel like you owe them the world, but you also don't want to be inconsiderate.

Canceling is an inconvenience, after all, especially if this person was really looking forward to spending some time with you.

And if there's a real reason as to why you have to take a rain check, you want them to know that, too. Maybe you forgot about a family event, or your best friend really needs you to be there for her.

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You might not feel comfortable when you're getting ready to meet this person for real.

In this scenario, being honest, like you would canceling any other kind of date, should keep all the right feels in place."I don't think it's different than canceling any other date, unless it being a blind date freaks [you] out," Chlipala tells Elite Daily.

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