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08-Jul-2020 00:28

The five lines in the above example for a single 404 error are fairly typical of what you’ll see for all requests in a production log.

There are a number of problems that are immediately apparent: and it is easy to add your own logging to your application.

Even if you don’t go on to implement any more sophisticated logging schemes like are outlined in the remainder of this article, it is probably a good idea to solve this problem by adding a catch-all route to eliminate routing errors.

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There may come a day when you have a bug in your routing you need to track down but having the stack trace of what you routed to is highly unlikely to shed much light on the real problem which probably occurred when you generated the errant URL in the first place.In this article I’m assuming a relatively simple Rails application at the beginning of its lifecycle that runs as a single instance.The application might have a handful of standard RESTful resources with their initial generated routing.Our next goal is to turn the information logged for a single request into something that is parsable by both humans and computers.

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For the most part the information you get in a Rails log is centered on a request and what the framework knows about that request at various points in time.

However, everything seems to be being written to /var/log/apache2/

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