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I love checking out the dollar sections at Target, Michaels and Jo Anns. So I tend to have a lot of notecards, paper pads, pens and pencils laying around my office and stuffed into cupboards. Cookie Monster Birthday Gift Tag by I’m Topsy Turvy 95. “You’re the Silver Lining” Friendship Nail Polish Gift by The Happy Housie 106.

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Go grab a big ol’ bucket and stock it full of We’ve been slightly addicted to s’mores lately.But we’ve got a few ideas you might want to check out to take s’mores-making to the next level.We’ve got a s’mores dessert date for everyone and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t matter which date you choose, you really can’t go wrong with s’mores!The ideas span the love languages, so you can feel connected no matter how you feel love. You can pull one out of the jar first thing in the morning to help you wake up with positivity or as you’re rushing out the door as a way to recenter and calm yourselves before the day begins.

You might want to choose an idea at the end of the day as things begin to settle and you want to come back together with your spouse before you head to bed.

It’s full of more FREE printables to accompany your spouse’s favorite treats!